Renewable Energy Group (REG) leaders voiced support for EPA’s increase in the Advanced Biofuel Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) released today.

EPA increased the total Advanced Biofuel RVO above its proposed 4.0 billion ethanol-equivalent gallons to 4.28 billion gallons, a 670 million gallon increase over 2016. Biomass-based diesel supplied the vast majority of fuel used to meet the Advanced Biofuel RVO in 2016. This increase in the Advanced Biofuel RVO should provide increased demand for the clean, low-carbon intensity biomass-based diesel produced by REG.

EPA also confirmed the Biomass-Based Diesel RVO of 2.1 billion gallons for 2018, which is 100 million gallons over the final 2017 level and 200 million gallons above the 2016 minimum volume.

“While our industry has shown that higher volumes of biomass-based diesel can and will be produced and consumed, this final rule elevates the growth trajectory for our cleaner, lower carbon intensity advanced biofuel,” said Daniel J. Oh, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Biomass-based diesel will continue to lead the way. We appreciate the support of those at the EPA, many others throughout the Administration and our bi-partisan champions on Capitol Hill who all helped make this possible.”

REG is North America’s largest biomass-based diesel producer and marketer with 11 active biomass-based diesel refineries across the U.S. that have a combined nameplate production capacity of 452 million gallons.