As families increase their use of backyard BBQs for summer grilling season, it’s wise to ensure safety protocols are being followed. That’s why U-Haul® is currently offering free safety inspections and qualification checks on all propane cylinders.

U-Haul certified propane technicians are trained to identify any issues with the cylinders, and dispense the cleaning-burning gas safely at low customer-friendly prices.

“We’re offering to check the qualification date on each propane users’ cylinder, examine the valve for any leaks, and inspect the tank for dents, cracks, gouges and rust,” said John Barnett, U-Haul propane program manager. “Any imperfections can be a danger, and we want to make certain everyone is having a safe and enjoyable summer.”

Barnett estimates that as many as 7 million 20-pound propane tanks commonly used for BBQ grills enter the U.S. market annually. A large number of these tanks lapse in qualification each year and cannot be legally filled without inspection and requalification.

Propane tanks are qualified for 12 years from the original manufactured date stamped on their collars. Customers have two options if qualification has lapsed:

  • They can visit a propane company to have a tank requalified, if it passes inspection. That can cost about $25, and requalification lasts for five years.
  • Or they can also purchase a new 20-pound BBQ tank with a fuel gauge that is qualified for 12 years, and is available at U-Haul stores for $34.95.

U-Haul has been selling propane since 1984 and has been the largest retailer of the gas in the U.S. since 1987.

“Propane is a big part of our business and we’re inviting everyone to take advantage of a free inspection at any of our 1,110-plus Company-owned facilities where propane is sold,” Barnett added.

Propane is the focus of several U-Haul sustainability initiatives. The Company continues to grow its propane Autogas locations to service alternative-fuel vehicles, and champions green products like the 1-pound reusable propane cylinder, a safer and more responsible option to disposable tanks. Visit to learn more about U-Haul ecofriendly practices.