Piusi USA, the global leader in Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment manufacturing, announces the launch of their newest solution for mini-bulk DEF dispensing and management.

The Self Service MC DEF Dispenser comes equipped with the top selling DEF pump worldwide, the SuzzaraBlue, as well as the MC Box, SB 325 DEF nozzle, 3D filter, and K24 meter. By utilizing the Self Service management software, this equipment can easily calculate the consumption of up to 80 users through PIN codes or i-button keys.

The entire unit is lockable for added security, with a hinged front panel for easy access to internals. With its IP55 protection owners are guaranteed the enclosed equipment is protected from rain and debris.

By controlling the distribution of DEF, customers will see an enormous return on their investment from saving money on spills, leaks, and even theft. The entire system is designed to optimize the dispensing of DEF in a mini-bulk application.

The Self Service MC DEF Dispenser is the perfect solution to your 2016 DEF mini-bulk dispensing needs.