PDI, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, wholesale petroleum, and logistics industries, is delivering another industry first by adding store clustering capabilities to its back office software, PDI Envoy.

With this addition, multi-store convenience retailers can group their locations into independently operated clusters that feed into a single database at the home office. The feature is a game-changer for convenience retailers who need centralized control, visibility, and reporting as well as operational flexibility.

The new store clustering capabilities enhance an already robust back office solution:

  • A central management system delivers a unified view of all store locations.
  • Configurable multi-store setup allows retailers to organize and segment sites.
  • Secure data protection enables operators within a cluster to only see information about their store or group of stores.
  • Customizable reporting provides business insights based on the convenience retailer’s store model.

“There was a time when convenience retailers did not have the flexibility to restrict operator control to a specific store or cluster of stores,” said Drew Mize, executive vice president and general manager of ERP Solutions at PDI. “Those days are gone since we can now feed data from across these operator clusters into one database that delivers deep reporting. This is a big win for our customers and the global convenience industry.”

For more information about PDI Envoy, visit https://www.pdisoftware.com/pdi-envoy/.