PDI, a leading provider of enterprise-class automation software systems to the convenience retail and wholesale petroleum industries, today announced a strategic alliance with IRI, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retailer and over-the-counter healthcare companies.

As manufacturers and retailers search for innovative ways to market to consumers, the new business relationship strategically positions PDI and IRI to become the primary accumulators and suppliers of actionable, transaction-level data to the convenience industry. In a move to complement its agreement with IRI and further solidify its position as a key player in data aggregation, PDI added scan data collection company KLS Technologies, LLC to its list of recent acquisitions.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for PDI,” said Greg Gilkerson, CEO of PDI. “While the industry has talked about big data for years, I believe we’re just beginning to realize its tangible applications. IRI is a respected pioneer in that field, and our alliance with them—coupled with our acquisition of KLS—positions PDI and its customers incredibly well for the future.”

“IRI has nearly four decades of experience helping companies turn big data into bottom-line growth,” said David Hoodis, President of Americas Retail for IRI. “We’ve been able to do that, in large part, by aligning ourselves with other industry leaders who have the same vision of success for their customers as we do for ours. PDI is one such company, and I’m thrilled to join them in this business venture.”

Details of the deal were not disclosed.