P97 and WannLynx are partnering to extend customer reach at retail fueling stations. This partnership is two-fold. WannLynx is providing the ability to control terminals at the pump and in-store to manage content and deliver targeted, interactive messages. P97’s cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solution connects retail fuel, convenience, quick-serve restaurants, and other merchants to their consumers by enabling payments, omni-channel marketing, and digital offers on iOT devices and connected cars.

The partnership will enhance the reach of P97’s mobile app services by using WannLynx’s control of the pump screen. When mobile customers are at the pump, P97 can display their messages on the terminal. This capability will allow c-stores to increase sales, build greater brand loyalty, and improve customer engagement.

“Customers are demanding convenience more and more”, Deepak Wanner, President and CEO of WannLynx said. “Together with P97, we are adding value to their fueling experience by integrating mobile apps and in-store shopping for a seamless customer experience. Filling a gas tank can take up to six minutes. During this time, we can incent customers to enter the store for a reward or instore special. We can provide conveniences such as shopping cart functionality, where individuals at the pump can preorder items from the store – a pizza or a burger with their desired toppings and have it waiting for them.”

“Our partnership with WannLynx is another example of how P97’s open commerce platform can be easily integrated to create unique commerce experiences for c-stores and their customers,” Don Frieden, founder and CEO of P97 said. “Our clients want to enhance the customer experience. The value created by the solution of the P97 & WannLynx partnership provides discounts, coupons and convenience to their customers, while strengthening their loyalty.

C-stores can also generate additional revenue through partnerships with third parties, such as Consumer Packaged Goods, to run ads and videos on their pumps. By linking ads with loyalty programs and customer data, targeted messages can be sent based on consumer preferences and can be easily personalized based on purchase behavior.