OPW, a Dover company and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, has introduced its new FibreTite Multiport Containment System, an all-composite, completely integrated multiple-port sump system. The FibreTite Multiport meets all California Air Resources Board requirements and has been approved for Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) operation.

The flush-mounted, sealable design of the FibreTite Multiport Containment System provides unparalleled protection against water intrusion, easy access to overfill-prevention valves and optimum spill-containment protection. This new design allows fuel-site operators to meet current regulatory requirements, while ensuring the ability to meet any next-generation requirements that may be mandatory in the future.

“The new FibreTite Multiport Containment System is truly a revolutionary innovation in the design, operation and reliability of forecourt fill systems,” said Charles Liebal, Product Manager for OPW Retail Fueling. “OPW has combined the very best of its industry-leading spill-containment and overfill-protection products, along with world class Fiberlite composite technology, into a single multi-benefit multiport that delivers tank-top-to-grade containment and protection. The result is the industry’s best defense against water intrusion into underground storage tanks while providing increased peace of mind for the site operator.”

A few of the many features of the FibreTite Multiport system are a lightweight composite cover or optional levered plumber-seal covers that are the industry’s only corrosion-free multiport solution for long-term water-tight performance; integrated inspection ports for quick and easy access for sump examinations; compatibility with many construction needs, including field retrofit applications; availability in API colors that match desired fuel grades; double-wall spill containers that are easily removable and replaceable from grade; a removable base flange that provides quick and easy access to overfill-prevention valve; and certification for use on all existing standard gasoline Phase I Vapor Recovery and Phase I Executive Orders.

For more on the new OPW FibreTite Multiport Containment System, please visit www.opwglobal.com, contact your local OPW Distributor or call OPW Customer Service at (800) 422-2525.