Offen Petroleum LLC, announced  that it made significant enhancements to its leadership team.  Aaron Hackerott has been promoted to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer, Sean Rutherford has joined Offen as the Executive Vice President of Supply, Pricing and Logistics, and Kaleb Hoffer has been promoted to Vice President of Fleet Operations.

Aaron joined Offen in July 2018 as the Director of Administration and Integration and has quickly ascended to Chief Operating Officer and now President. Aaron has over 23 years of experience in the petroleum distribution industry, where he’s led teams in the areas of fuel supply, motor fuel blending, transportation, business integration, sales, and marketing.

Since 2018, Offen has grown from distributing approximately 650 million gallons of motor fuels and lubricants annually to over 2.2 billion gallons today and during this time, Aaron has been the operational leader. Additionally, Aaron led the successful due diligence and integration of six acquisitions during the past four years. Under his expanded role, Aaron now manages a team of over 240 people that services 40 states and export to Mexico.

“Aaron has been an instrumental leader at Offen while we achieved such successful growth over these past four years,” said Bill Gallagher, Offen’s CEO.  “I am extremely impressed with Aaron’s dedication, industry knowledge and leadership skills. As Offen continues its journey toward becoming an industry leading national distributor, I am confident in Aaron’s ability to lead Offen’s continued organic and business combination/acquisition growth.”

To further support Offen’s growth, Sean Rutherford has joined Offen to lead the fuel supply, pricing and logistics teams for Offen. Immediately prior to joining Offen, Sean led the fuel procurement division of The Kroger Co. Sean’s wealth of experience and his demonstrated success in managing the motor fuel business for Kroger, one of the largest and most successful retailers in the nation, brings a unique expertise to Offen.

Kaleb Hoffer joined Offen in February, 2021 as its Director of Fleet Operations and due to his exemplary performance over the past 12 months Offen has promoted Kaleb to the position of Vice President of Fleet Operations. Kaleb was not a logistics professional prior to joining Offen but, his drive to win, thirst for knowledge and his demonstrated leadership skills have allowed him to become one of the key leaders at Offen.

“I am very pleased that both Sean and Kaleb joined our team since they both exemplify the core values that guide our business – Drive, Relationships Matter, Accountability, Work Ethic, Excellence and Positive Attitude.  As we grow Offen, we desire to be not only the distributor of choice for our customers and suppliers but, also be the employer of choice for the best talent in our industry,” said Aaron Hackerott, Offen’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “I believe that Sean and Kaleb will provide the expertise and leadership that Offen needs to provide the industry’s best level of customer care.”