Intent on providing a luxurious c-store experience featuring gourmet food and beverages, executives at Bolla Oil Corp. realized they needed a technology provider to support this goal by delivering a smooth customer experience. Executives quickly found NCR was the right technology partner for the job.

Bolla operates convenience stores across the New York City, Long Island and New Jersey markets. New Bolla locations will feature elegant, full service coffee bars, hand-crafted custom sandwiches and spacious dining to create an upscale dining experience. Bolla will use NCR’s integrated POS solution to manage forecourt and in-store transactions and provide centralized system management. Retail Data Systems (RDS), a reseller of NCR hardware and software and a long-time partner of Bolla facilitated the process to find a POS solution that would best serve the needs of their growing brand.

“Technology plays a critical role in helping us deliver the luxurious, overall experience our customers deserve,” said Harry Singh, Bolla Oil president and CEO. “NCR’s solutions allow us to observe forecourt and in-store performance in real-time and make faster analyses on key areas from fuel pricing to merchandise performance.”

To create an easier transition from the forecourt to the dining area, Bolla will rely on NCR’s kitchen production and customer self-service software. Customers will receive the benefit of controlling their order and transaction as they do at the pump, while the system will suggest upsells based on previous purchase behavior.

“By integrating all fuel and food options into a single NCR solution, Bolla can provide a top-level experience not only from the forecourt to inside the store, but also from location to location. This will help the team create brand consistency across their footprint, and customers will look forward to returning time and time again,” said Michael Bayer, president, NCR Retail.

The first Bolla Oil gourmet experience store opened in 2007 in Brooklyn, NY. Bolla now has 16 Gourmet delis and plans to open 6 more sites in 2016 including 4 delis.