NCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions, today announced that it will be adding an 800-store chain customer to its digital transformation platform.

NCR’s customer will deploy its Outdoor Payment Terminals with an Interactive Consumer Experience (OPTIC) forecourt technology, which includes payment and cloud services. The NCR solution offers a robust consumer experience on an open software platform enabling NCR’s customers to digitally transform their forecourt. It streamlines deploying and managing outdoor payment terminals to help provide consistent and personalized shopping experiences for their consumers across all fuelling platforms. Finally, customers can remotely inject Debit Keys into each unit creating immense operational efficiencies while helping to maintain a secure transaction.

The NCR OPTIC solution will allow convenience retailers to enhance their consumer engagement capabilities by offering additional services at the pump beyond payment, which may include the ability to order food and view customized marketing messages.

NCR OPTIC has been thoughtfully engineered to provide retrofit options for most brands of fuel dispensers. With an unprecedented open software platform, NCR OPTIC enables retailers to gain flexibility in developing their own unique applications to engage with their consumers like never before.

Studies have shown that 75 percent of c-store customers are fuelling up and then driving off without stepping foot inside the store. Additionally, per the NACS State of the Industry Report 2016, food service dominated in terms of gross margin contribution to convenience stores.

Additionally, NCR’s customers will use NCR OPTIC Cloud capabilities to help improve efficiencies in operations. Centralized capabilities such as the ability to remotely deploy software updates as well as monitor payment terminal uptime are just a few of the many benefits. Also, customers can remotely deploy customized offers down to the Site-level.

Leading convenience store retailers are relying on NCR OPTIC and its open software platform to provide state-of-the art services that today’s consumers demand, while remaining flexible for future deployments and technology developments. OPTIC provides both and more.

Customers are finding OPTIC to be a perfect fit that helps them offer more options to their guests at the pump than just fuelling. It is helping to expand their revenue base while also providing customers with a new level of convenience and helping to decrease fraudulent transactions with EMV payments. NCR OPTIC is a modular, self-service solution that accepts a range of payment options in its standard configuration ranging from EMV and magnetic stripe to contactless payments.

OPTIC comes in two sizes, a 5” terminal for use with older dispensers, and a 12” HD widescreen – one of the largest and most powerful retrofit options on the market today. OPTIC was engineered to retrofit most brands of fuel dispensers, allowing retailers to easily upgrade their at-the-pump engagements.

“Convenience retailers have an untapped opportunity to convert consumers at the pump to in-store shoppers, driving both ancillary revenue and loyalty,” said Tom Chittenden, vice president and general manager of retail solutions at NCR Corporation. “Foodservice is a vital component of the Convenience Retailer’s business. Our goal is to help drive more offers at the pump and convert fuel-only customers inside the store with the OPTIC platform.”