National Truck Protection, Inc. (NTP), North America’s leading independent provider of extended service contracts to the trucking industry, announced the launch of a new comprehensive product for Class 8 trucks, named “ULTRA.”


The new ULTRA product is designed to provide a bundled, feature-rich solution while simplifying the purchase process. The product comes standard with comprehensive component coverage that includes: engine, transmission, rear differentials, aftertreatment and roadside assistance into a single core product. With ULTRA, customers simply choose the term length that best suits their needs and budget without having to price out different coverage scenarios.


“NTP ULTRA meets the growing demand in the used truck marketplace for a full-featured, all-in-one warranty plan that is easy to understand, easy to purchase and provides maximum value to the customer,” said Robert Amico, President and CEO of NTP.


The NTP ULTRA plan provides coverage for 45 internally lubricated engine components as well as coverage for the engine control module (ECM), turbocharger(s) fuel injectors, fuel pump and water pump. ULTRA offers coverage on 42 separate aftertreatment components including BPV, EGR, DEF, DPF, DOC, SCR doser injectors/valves, sensors, ECU and aftertreatment wiring harness. To round out the offering, ULTRA includes coverage for the transmission and rear differentials and 12 months of comprehensive roadside assistance as well.


“As diesel engine and aftertreatment technology have become increasingly more complex, the service contracts required to cover them have grown in complexity as well,” states Amico. “NTP again responds to the market by offering high-value, comprehensive warranty products that are accessible to the buyer and easily offered by the selling dealer,” Amico added.


The NTP ULTRA package offers turn-key coverage on components that are most in demand. As the market demand for warranty coverage on used late-model commercial trucks continues to expand, the ULTRA warranty plan will be widely available at commercial truck dealers throughout the United States.