Representative Mike Bost (R-Illinois) visited a MotoMart in Cahokia, Illinois, to hear from constituents and store employees, the Belleview News-Democrat reports. The visit was part of the NACS In Store program that helps members of Congress hear industry concerns and interact with members of the public.


Bost said he enjoys stopping by local businesses to better understand their concerns and “the things we can do to lighten the load up, so they can continue to do what they do and employ people.”


Overall, Bost finds that visiting businesses provides an opportunity to find out “the concerns of where government regulation maybe goes too far and where it has been successful, and where it hasn’t. … It is vitally important to keep in touch with [local businesses].”


Rob Forsyth, an executive with FKG Oil, which owns and operates MotoMart, said the representative’s time at the store gave management the occasion to discuss issues and forge a relationship with Bost. “So much of the regulation he votes on affects us directly,” Forsyth said.


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