M&M Mid-Valley Supply, known for installation, service and equipment distribution with four branches throughout the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia region of the U.S., and global tank and fuel management company Leighton O’Brien announced the distributorship of Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel cleaning and polishing services.


The fuel cleaning and polishing services will officially launch on April 24. Mid-Valley Supply will deliver Leighton O’Brien’s fuel cleaning and polishing technology to their clients. The service will be conducted by fully trained and safety-certified Mid-Valley Supply technicians and supported by expert fuel and data analysis and comprehensive reporting by Leighton O’Brien’s highly qualified analysts.


“Through this partnership, we can expand our presence and enhance our services portfolio by leveraging Leighton O’Brien’s market-leading technologies,” said Mickey Meyer, President of M&M Mid-Valley Supply. “We can now offer our customers Leighton O’Brien’s fuel cleaning and polishing for underground and aboveground storage tank systems. Fuel cleaning and polishing fits within our existing service business and will increase revenue and differentiate our service offering,” he said.


Leighton O’Brien President, Jeff Davis said, “The partnership will enable Mid-Valley Supply customers to resolve water and fuel quality issues such as water intrusion, malfunctioning dispensers, submersible pumps, automatic tank gauges, blocked filters, bacterial growth, diesel bugs and phase separation. Unlike other tank cleaning companies, our patented design and three-stage fuel cleaning process sweeps the entire tank floor to remove sludge, sediment and free phase water from the tank while minimizing the effect of suspending these items into the fuel. Our stage-two process polishes the fuel and stage three returns the customers’ good product to the tank and reduces waste disposal costs. Our patented fuel cleaning and polishing returns the customers’ fuel to pristine quality while quantifying the waste and contamination removed from sites to assist our customers with inventory reconciliation adjustments.”


Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said, “With our fuel cleaning distributor growth, Leighton O’Brien will clean more than 2,500 tanks globally. Our patented systems are designed in Australia and built in the United States. The U.S. has become our largest fuel cleaning and polishing market over the last three years with the support of highly qualified Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) distributors.”