Advanced Digital Data, Inc. (ADD Systems®), the leading supplier of software solutions to the convenience store and energy distribution industries, is proud to enter its 45th year of business with the successful rollout of a new product. ADD is excited to announce that Mirabito has successfully implemented the ADD fleet fueling solution.

The Raven Fleet Fueler works with ADD Systems’ Raven mobile delivery solution to provide a complete end-to-end solution for fleet fueling, wet hosing and wheel-to-wheel operations. The Raven Fleet Fueler app improves driver efficiency and accuracy by identifying each piece of equipment, and capturing all the delivery detail and printing it on the ticket. The driver can scan the equipment for verification and the Fleet Fueler app will automatically track how many units were delivered to each asset, keeping the driver’s onsite time to a minimum.

In 2017, Mirabito recognized that in order to be competitive in their commercial market, they needed to be responsive to a large number of growing customers. They needed a solution that could provide the vehicle-specific fuel delivery information these customers required. Since adopting the Raven Fleet Fueler solution, Mirabito has been able to re-secure key at-risk accounts and expand their customer base in the market.

Eric Bunts, Chief Information Officer at Mirabito, explained, “The Fleet Fueler application has allowed us to service our customers with the equipment-level delivery information they require. It automates the item-level breakdown per asset and has controls built in to ensure that only registered equipment is able to be fueled. I believe this is one of the most innovative fleet fueling products on the market today.”

When asked about his experience working with ADD Systems, Bunts said, “We were an early adopter for the solution, so we worked hand-in-hand with development and had multiple on-site visits from the development team. ADD Systems is an excellent partner. They are willing to listen to customer needs and target product development accordingly.”

Vice President of Sales, John Coyle added, “We’re proud to partner with Mirabito on our Raven Fleet Fueler product. We know this product will streamline the fleet fueling process, and we’re excited to see the success that Mirabito has already had with it.”

Since 1927, Mirabito has been family owned and operated. Mirabito provides energy products and services for families and businesses throughout upstate New York, western Massachusetts, and Connecticut, with corporate offices located in Binghamton, NY. In addition to being an energy provider, Mirabito owns and operates more than 100 convenience stores throughout Central New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania, making Mirabito a convenient stop for customers and one of the largest convenience store chains in Central New York. The Mirabito Family of Companies includes Mirabito Energy Products, Mirabito Convenience Stores, Mirabito Truck Repair and the Rewards Plus customer loyalty program.