MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) is celebrating its 10+ year relationship with SI Group. MCC represents the ETHANOX® and ISONOX® antioxidant
product lines for the fuel and lubricant industries in North America.

ETHANOX® and ISONOX® lubricant antioxidants enhance thermal and oxidative stability, improve lubricant performance and reduce sludge formation, extending the useful life of lubricants in virtually any application. They reduce thickening and inhibit acid formation in a variety of applications, including engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, industrial oils, compressor oils, hydraulic oils, grease and metalworking fluids.

SI Group’s line of ETHANOX® and ISONOX® fuel antioxidants maximizes the storage life of many fuels and protects fuel systems by increasing resistance to oxidation. Additionally, they also help control insoluble gum formation. What’s more, ETHANOX® and ISONOX® fuel antioxidants also meet military specifications for many aviation fuels. To support the expanding use of biodiesel fuels worldwide, SI Group offers an array of biodiesel antioxidants that stabilize fuels and prevent deposit formations in diesel engines.

Formulators and lubricant marketers worldwide rely on ETHANOX® and ISONOX® antioxidants to meet the most demanding commercial/government specifications and OEM requirements, including those requiring reduced emissions.

SI Group is a leading global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions that are critical to the quality and performance of countless industrial and consumer goods. They offer a broad line of antioxidants for your lubricant and fuel stabilization needs.