Mansfield Energy Corp, through a partnership with GreenPrint, is announcing the launch of ZERO™, a reduced emissions diesel program.


With the launch of ZERO™, participating Mansfield Energy Corp clients will have their diesel fuel’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions automatically offset through proportionate investments in certified CO2 reduction projects such as reforestation, alternative energy, planting trees locally and more. This program was created specifically to provide Mansfield customers a simplified, turnkey way to fulfill sustainability needs and initiatives across their fleets, fuel consumption, facilities, civil services, municipalities and more.


“We’re seeing a growing number of our customers allocating more of their efforts and resources to sustainability and the implementation of sustainable business practices. Mansfield sees this as an opportunity to provide additional value for our customers and felt that ZERO™  allows us to satisfy this unmet need in the industry. By providing an inexpensive and turnkey solution to our clients, we allow them to more easily integrate sustainability into their everyday work,” said Doug Haugh, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Mansfield Energy.


ZERO™ requires no capital expense, no new fuel, and no new hardware to install. ZERO™ automatically calculates your CO2 emissions based on current diesel usage, reduces the associated emissions through investments in certified, verified carbon offset projects, and then provides turnkey certified emissions and sustainability reporting that companies can use for supply chain reports, RFPs, cause marketing and annual reports.


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