Leighton O’Brien has expanded its coverage in the Indian subcontinent by entering into a Licensed Service Partnership with General Energy – Management Systems Pvt. Ltd (GEMS).

GEMS will deliver the world’s most accurate EPA-certified precision tank and line testing technologies and Leighton O’Brien’s patented fuel restoration and cleaning (FRC) solution to retail and commercial customers in India.

Leighton O’Brien’s President of Field Technologies, Chris Cooper, said an influx of international players has fueled significant growth of India’s downstream petroleum market.

“Coupled with growing environmental regulations, Leighton O’Brien is well positioned to capitalise on growing market demand for sophisticated integrity testing for new and legacy underground fuel systems.”

Cooper said the addition of Leighton O’Brien’s technology platform complements GEMS already impressive product suite including pumps and dispensers, underground equipment and advanced retail automation offerings.

“And with more than 600 field technicians located across 18 state offices, GEMS can provide national coverage of testing and FRC solutions to its customers.”

Managing Director of GEMS, Mr. Umesh Whig, said: “We are excited to be in a position where we can provide Leighton O’Brien’s best-in-class solutions to our customers in India. The industry is shifting towards a more robust testing regime and we believe we can make a difference by enabling our customers to maintain the highest levels of integrity not only for their equipment, but the product they sell to their clientele.”

Cooper said: “India is a market where end users place a premium on fuel quality and institutions such as the National Green Tribunal are implementing significant change with regards to environmental best practice.

“We strongly believe GEMS is the best partner in this rapidly evolving market and together we can offer a unique proposition to fuel retailers across the entire country.”

“Our experience tells us 90 per cent of remodeled or new sites that pass a pressure gauge test have an issue like small leaks from pipes and fittings,” he said. “By partnering with Leighton O’Brien, GEMS’ customers will be able to protect their investment from the very beginning of the asset life cycle.”