Leighton O’Brien, a leading fuel analytics technology provider, and AlterEco, a leader in integrated services for fuel retailers, announced a new Licensed Software Partnership that will deliver the leading EPA-certified wetstock management solution to the Spanish market.

Leighton O’Brien’s Wetstock Live software will integrate with AlterEco’s EcoManager platform, bringing accurate leak detection and smart wetstock intelligence to AlterEco customers.

Gustavo Mezquita, founder and CEO at AlterEco said: “Wetstock Live will enable our customers to achieve the highest compliance given its SIR certification is among the most accurate in release detection, with a leak detection threshold of 4.5 litres per day.

“Detecting the smallest leaks and losses in real time is a major advantage,” he said. “In addition, the intelligence and automation built into the software to recalibrate tank gauges to reduce false alarms as well as 24/7 alarm monitoring capability enabling our personnel to prioritise, track and respond to alarms are powerful propositions.

“We are already monitoring more than 175 retail fuel sites in Spain with Wetstock Live,” he said. “We’re confident we can capitalise on further significant market opportunities with a proven, certified solution that identifies true fuel losses and other issues in real-time.

“Wetstock Live complements our suite of automation, pricing, compliance and sensor monitoring tools on our EcoManager platform, allowing retail fuel networks to stay in compliance and run their operations efficiently and profitably,” he said.

Leighton O’Brien Global President of Wetstock, Greg Salverson said: “We’re very excited about the opportunities this partnership brings. AlterEco is a leader in their market, with a highly capable, trusted and responsive team to support our best-in-class wetstock solution.

“We’re looking forward to generating significant value for AlterEco customers, not just in terms of optimum leak detection and environmental outcomes but other actionable insights to better manage their fueling operations such as dispenser performance, meter drift analysis, water management and delivery verification.

“Our KPI management dashboard also provides complete visibility into network level performance, all easily accessed within EcoManager’s integrated platform developed by AlterEco,” he said.