Kalibrate announced today the addition of Merchandise and Promotion pricing to the Kalibrate Pricing Cloud. This fulfills the company’s mission to offer end-to-end price performance management to fuel and convenience retailers worldwide, a commitment made possible through an exclusive global reseller partnership with Clear Demand, innovator of leading OmniChannel retail solutions.

The new Kalibrate branded merchandise offering makes Kalibrate the only business decision platform that enables total site visibility and control of the entire fuel and convenience retail business from forecourt to in-store. This strategic differentiation strengthens the company’s position as the industry leader in providing pricing decision making solutions.

Kalibrate already has four clients involved in initial pilot/beta programs. Kalibrate’s Strategy Group will work with the beta fuel and convenience retailers to implement site-specific approaches to total site profitability.

“All fuel and convenience retailers want to understand and manage the relationship between the forecourt and the store. Going forward, the real key to fuel-retail growth is connecting the synergy between fuel transactions and purchases in the store,” said Bob Stein, President and CEO of Kalibrate. “We’re excited to be able to offer the best technology that gives retailers that level of visibility and control. Adding Merchandise and Promotion pricing solutions is a natural synergy with our fuel pricing solutions, domain expertise in fuel and convenience retail and fits nicely into additional capabilities in our 7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success.”

Kalibrate Merchandise and Promotion pricing solutions enable the sophisticated competitive pricing strategies required for scalable success in today’s competitive fuel and convenience retail market. An advanced price elasticity model enables clients to define and automate pricing strategies that effectively leverage their network characteristics and goals.

Merchandise and Promotion pricing tools will be available through the Kalibrate Cloud Pricing module. The Pricing Cloud, integrated with Location and Market Intelligence modules, enable insights and execution for every role in fuel retail, from analysts to c-suite executives. Backed by industry expertise and dedication to clients that distinguish Kalibrate employees, the company’s offerings are now the first platform for success in fuel and convenience retail.