To support its significant growth and better position itself for continued success, GreenPrint LLC, creator of the world’s first carbon neutral gasoline programs, announces the addition of Joe Petrowski to its Board. The group of advisors is comprised of a wide range of industry experts and executives from various fields that have helped the company strategically develop and expand its footprint and products.

As an executive leader with a track record of delivering value and and creative impact in the industry, Mr. Petrowski brings over 30 years of experience to GreenPrint. Currently, he is the Founder and Managing Director of Mercantor Partners, a private equity group focused on downstream energy distribution and retail convenience. Previously, for over 10 years, Mr. Petrowski served as CEO of the combined Cumberland Farms-Gulf Oil Group, which employs over 8,000 people in 29 states. He is also a frequent contributor on CNBC, Sigma Board Member, Bloomberg & Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

“Joe is clearly an incredible addition to our team. We’ve all watched and learned from Joe’s executive and strategic leadership over the years. GreenPrint is honored to have him join us,” said Pete Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint. “Joe will bring a fresh new perspective, along with a passion for innovation, sustainability, and an unsurpassed knowledge of this industry to our efforts.”

“Pete and his team are creating amazing value with their Reduced Emission Fuel Programs, ‘REF Programs’ as I call them. Not only are they adding value to the purchase equation, working to decommoditize fuel, they’re addressing a pressing global issue in a simple, turnkey manner,” says Petrowski. “Today’s consumers are making decisions and forming brand loyalty toward companies that give back. In fact, in a recent Nielsen study I read, 66% of consumers said they pay more for sustainable brands, up from 55% last year, and 50% the previous year. Here consumers WIN, fuel marketers WIN, the planet WINS… and we pre-empt a need for carbon legislation.”

GreenPrint plans to leverage Petrowski’s intellect and knowledge of the industry to help guide strategic planning and growth. Since the company’s launch in 2014, GreenPrint has offset almost 100 million pounds of CO2 and counting. Working with early adopters and thought leaders like Ricker’s, Alon 7- Eleven, FleetCor, and over 30,000 corporate fleets to calculate and neutralize vehicle emissions, the company is reducing emissions on almost 13 million gallons of fuel a month and rising. The company expects to reduce emission from over 12 billion gallons of fuel by 2020 sequestering over 25 million tons of CO2 and planting over 2 million trees.

GreenPrint Headquartered in Atlanta, GA GreenPrint is the world’s leading innovator of sustainability as a service. The company’s patent-pending products provide municipalities, commercial fleet managers, and petroleum retailers the ability to build goodwill, enhance brand loyalty, and increase market share.