ISTOBAL, the Spanish leader in car wash and car care solutions for the automotive sector, will announce at The Car Wash Show 2019 an extended height version of the ISTOBAL FLEX5, its most popular rollover in the US market (Booth #1723).

Thanks to the success of this machine, ISTOBAL USA subsidiary has developed a new option of the first flexible rollover in the market to expand wash service to vans and other extended height vehicles.

ISTOBAL FLEX5 accounts for just over 80% of all ISTOBAL car wash equipment sold in 2018, particularly in the 5 brush configuration due to its speed and wash quality. This solution has the ability to meet car wash demands without changing machines. It can transform from 3 or 5 brushes (or vice versa) and can be configured as a hybrid model (by adding high pressure to the machine), as a combo option (allowing customers to choose the wash they want: friction with 3 or 5 brushes, touch free or a combination of both) or as a touchless rollover (configured without brushes).

In April 2019, ISTOBAL USA has already surpassed the number of machines sold by the end of Q2 in 2018 and during 2019 expects to continue to grow especially in the Industrial Wash sector. In fact, “Heavywash” sales are increasing exponentially as ISTOBAL introduces the HW’INTRAWASH to the market, a fleet cleaning and sanitizing system for trailer and box container interiors.

ISTOBAL USA CEO, Jimmy Sisk, has stated that ISTOBAL USA has a solution to every need and the company is making a large push into the petroleum sector to stimulate its growth in service stations. The US subsidiary is also consolidating its presence in dealership, fleet and workshops sectors, thanks to the ISTOBAL M’1, the most competitive rollover due to the machine’s reliability, quality wash performance and low investment.

An innovative tire shiner for tunnels and rollovers will also be on display at the show. This system ensures a lasting shine thanks to a brush with soft polypropylene bristles, which conforms to the shape of any tire evenly, applies the dressing. The patented “tire dressing capture and reclaim” system makes the ISTOBAL T’Shiner use up to 66% less dressing than other tire shiners on the market.