Ecogreen Tank Monitor, a leader in fuel inventory monitoring for commercial aboveground storage tanks, is announcing the new Ecogreen UST for underground storage tanks and other tanks with built-in Automatic Tank Gauges.

Ecogreen UST directly polls your tank’s Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) without additional hardware if the ATG is already internet connected. If the ATG isn’t internet connected, Ecogreen UST polls indirectly via cellular based hardware which physically connects to the ATG console.

Common examples of ATG’s include Veeder-Root TLS and Franklin Fueling TS series. The ATG console is usually found on the wall and in a building close to the underground storage tanks that are being monitored by the ATG.

Ecogreen UST allows you to view inventory levels from your computer, device or smart phone at and includes unlimited, customizable low-level alerts; unlimited users; inventory history and inventory forecasting.

Ecogreen UST is priced to be very affordable and allows wholesale fuel suppliers and transporters to deliver product with maximum efficiency and therefore lower operational costs, as well as adding value to customer relationships. Fuel customers also benefit through the prevention of costly run-outs.

Ecogreen Tank Monitor is one of many innovative and customer-centric companies operated by Shipley Energy, a leading energy provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. Shipley partnered in the development of Ecogreen UST.