Insite360 has formed a partnership with TotalSIR enhancing the customer experience with underground storage tank leak detection. Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) has been used by fueling retailers for years to help meet EPA regulations for leak detection. As regulations have changed, so have SIR customers’ needs; however, the need for a high-quality reporting mechanism remains the same.

To serve the complex needs of single/small multi-site operators, Insite360 has partnered with TotalSIR to deliver:

  • High-quality analysis specific to the customer segment
  • Increased focus on the needs of these customers
  • Expanded expertise for compliance

TotalSIR offers a whole new level of support and customized expertise for single/small-site operators, which historically have been underserved by larger providers. “Stephen and the team at TotalSIR understand the needs of the single/small-site operators and offers an operating model that will drive our customers’ compliance needs forward,” said Greg Salverson, VP of Managed Services at Insite360.

TotalSIR specializes in providing unmatched compliance assistance to this segment of the market, who represent the backbone of the retail fuel industry. Partnering with Insite360 empowers TotalSIR to take its leak detection compliance services to the next level.  “TotalSIR is very excited about our new partnership with Insite360. We believe we will be able to significantly improve the customer service experience of the single/small site operators,” said Stephen Roy, General Manager TotalSIR.

Single/small-site operators will start to experience this new level of focus on their business immediately or during their renewal period.



About Insite360 

Insite360 leads the fueling market as the industry’s first and most comprehensive cloud platform for on-demand fueling and site management. With our specialized solutions, the Insite360 platform increases sales, reduces operational cost, optimizes equipment performance, enhances customer experience, and delivers sophisticated analytics to drive businesses forward.

At the forefront of the industry for over 30 years, Insite360 has automated all aspects of the fuel and site management process from rack to nozzle, improving the customer experience. Insite360 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gilbarco Veeder-Root and is leading the revolution of fueling site service management.


About TotalSIR

Since 1992, TotalSIR has been an industry leader in providing leak detection compliance services to underground tank owners. Statistical Inventory Reconciliation is the chosen leak detection solution for many fuel retailers. Combining our proprietary analytical software with decades of experience, TotalSIR is committed to providing the highest quality SIR service and support to UST owners and operators.