Electrofuels provider Infinium has manufactured a ton of its proprietary, patented CO2 conversion catalyst at its facility in West Sacramento, California. The Infinium catalyst is a critical component in the creation of electrofuels (eFuels), a new class of synthetic fuels that replaces carbon-intensive petroleum-based products.

Infinium eFuels are made from renewable power derived green hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide in a proprietary process. The novel catalyst facilitates the chemical reaction in that process that ultimately results in liquid eFuels.

Infinium previously announced that in 2023, it will begin delivering eFuels from its plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, to Amazon to help decarbonize its middle mile trucking fleet.

As both a technology innovator and a project developer, Infinium has autonomous control of the eFuels production process from start to finish. Having control of both core technology and project development is unique in the rapidly developing eFuels industry.

“From the beginning, we have been developing projects based on our own proprietary technology which increases our efficiency and reduces our costs,” said Robert Schuetzle, CEO at Infinium. “Catalyst production at scale in our own facility is an important milestone in our journey to delivering commercial volumes of eFuels in 2023 and beyond.”

Infinium eSAF and Infinium eDiesel can be used in today’s planes, ships, and trucks as an immediate replacement for petroleum jet and diesel fuels without modifications to engines or distribution infrastructure. Infinium eNaphtha can be used to produce gasoline fuel alternatives as well as replace petroleum-derived naphtha in chemical and industrial processes for the creation of goods like plastics and solvents.