What else can I do to beat the competition? That’s a question fuel marketers, retailers and commercial fleet operators struggle with in an ultra-competitive industry where margins on fuel are often measured in pennies. Adding biodiesel blends to your fuel lineup is a smart way to differentiate yourself and give your business an edge. Fuel Marketer News (FMN) and Renewable Energy Group (REG) present a webinar packed with timely and valuable information about the financial, performance and environmental benefits of biodiesel—and how they can help you grow your business.


Presenters include:

Kevin Cassidy, Vice President, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers Inc. and Sapp Bros. Petroleum Inc., discussed how his company introduced biodiesel blends to their travel center and wholesale operations and the benefits they and their customers have realized. Sapp Bros. operates 17 full-service travel centers and is a leading fuel wholesale distributor.



Jon Scharingson, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing, REG, provided insights on what is driving demand for biodiesel—including the economic and performance benefits of the renewable fuel and why more fleets are switching to biodiesel blends.





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