Hylium Industries recently released the world’s first mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station.

The K-ICT Born2Global Centre, which supports promising technology companies in their efforts to enter global markets, announced that it expects the mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station developed by its member company Hylium Industries to play a key role in resolving the shortage of hydrogen fueling stations both in Korea and overseas.

As the world’s first mobile hydrogen fueling station to use liquid hydrogen, rather than the high-pressure gas currently used by similar fueling stations in the United States and Japan, Hylium’s station stores hydrogen much more efficiently and safely.

The mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station is, essentially, a five-ton truck carrying fueling equipment, including a liquid hydrogen pump, vaporizer, and dispenser. It can store up to 7,500 liters of low-pressure (3 bar) liquid hydrogen and is capable of fueling up to 100 hydrogen-powered cars per day. Hylium Industries explained that its fueling station uses liquid hydrogen with a high purity of over 99.995 percent.

One noteworthy advantage of the mobile liquid hydrogen refueling station is its use of an 900bar liquid hydrogen pump system, which eliminates the need for a compressor and cooling system and thus allows for significant reductions in equipment and driving costs.

Hylium Industries CEO Kim Seo Young said, “In addition to being a ‘green energy’ technology, hydrogen technology is a cutting-edge field in which intensive research and development is being carried out all around the world. Hylium Industries’ liquid hydrogen-based mobile hydrogen fueling station will significantly contribute to the effort to expand the liquid hydrogen supply infrastructure for hydrogen-powered cars worldwide.”

Founded in 2014, Hylium Industries is the first company in Korea to have developed a technology for the storage of ultra-low temperature liquid hydrogen.

For more detailed information on Hylium Industries, visit www.hylium-industries.com