Hyperfuels., LLC, the national distributor of Gulf Racing Fuels has entered into a letter of intent to build two gas stations at the Atlanta Motorsports Park.  The track will feature a public gas station at the track entrance that can serve the track members and participants as well as the general public with ethanol-free gasoline and diesel.  A second station will be located inside the track boundaries near the Go Kart Center.  Both stations will feature high octane racing fuels.

A. White and Company will be the regional supplier for the street fuels at the fuel stations.  Hyperfuels, LLC is the national distributor of Gulf Racing Fuels and will work with S. A. White for the construction of the stations.  Planning and engineering is already under way.  Hyperfuels will create the stations as a separate entity for business investment purposes.  This is the first green field gas station to be built by Hyperfuels.

Atlanta Motorsports Park will be the first race track of any kind to offer unleaded high octane racing fuels.  Atlanta Motorsports Park also has a Radical Sportscars dealership Primal Motorsports that offers sales and services for Radical Sportscars.  Gulf Racing Fuels is a partner of Radical in its North American Radical Cup races.  The Radicals will use Gulf’s ethanol-free unleaded gasoline in the 2019 Radical Cup races.