Gulf Oil has announced the launch of a new mobile payment application, Gulf Pay. The new offering, powered by P97’s PetroZone® mobile commerce platform, will enable Gulf customers to navigate to the nearest Gulf gas station, pay for fuel at the pump and purchase products inside the convenience store utilizing fast, simple and secure mobile payment technology.


The Gulf Pay app offers a convenient, secure and seamless shopping experience for customers by allowing payment authorization directly from the comfort of their vehicle. Users can also use the app to locate the closest Gulf station, access live pricing and reliable directions and view station offerings.


“Customer experience is a priority at Gulf as we aim to constantly evolve with our customers’ needs,” said Todd O’Malley, Chief Commercial Officer at Gulf Oil. “Mobile payment technology is changing the retail experience and the Gulf Pay app enhances transaction security and further delivers on our commitment to provide high-quality products and services in a fast and convenient environment.”


With security at the core of the mobile purchasing experience, Gulf customers can feel confident because each Gulf Pay transaction is authorized securely.


“Gulf has always aimed to remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent fraud at the pumps and in stores while providing our customers with an exceptional experience,” said Margaret McDonnell, Senior Director of Credit Card Operations at Gulf Oil. “Mobile payment is a contactless transaction, meaning that it is extremely effective against today’s most commonly used fraud techniques.”


The Gulf Pay app will also provide exclusive offers on both fuel and in-store products at participating locations, and will allow customers to tailor in-app preferences to fit their specific needs.


“Our partnership with Gulf Oil is a huge leap forward for the retail fueling industry,” said Donald Frieden, Chief Executive Officer at P97. “With their investment in PetroZone, Gulf will be able to increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend by delivering relevant digital offers resulting in more meaningful relationships with consumers.”


Gulf plans to expand the Gulf Pay app by teaming up with leading mobile wallets and technologies. Gulf has signed an agreement to partner with Mastercard and will accept Masterpass through the app. This partnership will further improve offerings, capabilities and the payment experience for Gulf and Masterpass customers.


The pilot program will launch at Gulf retail fuel locations throughout select New England and New York markets in the first half of 2017 with plans to extend the app’s availability into additional markets in 2018.