Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, has announced the launch of the EGP electric transfer and on-demand pumps, each offering superior performance and convenience that meets a wide range of applications. Designed specifically as enhanced replacements for the now obsoleted APEX pumps, Graco’s EGP models offer optimized pump designs, new motors, built-in filtration and new pressure controls for on-demand models.

Available in 115VAC or 12VDC models, both EGP electric transfer and on-demand pumps are compatible with today’s most standard electric configurations. By simply plugging the pump into a power source, an entire 55-gallon drum of 10W oil at room temperature can be emptied in less than 8 minutes with the 8 gpm (30.3 lpm) flow rate transfer model. More energy efficient than pneumatic pumps, EGP pumps offer an equally durable option for those seeking energy savings or unable to otherwise utilize compressed air.

With a legacy of long-lasting performance and uptime, Graco pumps have built an outstanding reputation as one of the company’s flagship product categories. Built with pride and attention to this legacy, Graco EGP pumps are engineered to last with precision gears for incredible consistency. Pump life is optimized with a built-in inlet strainer and motor over-temperature protection which prevent overheating and extend the unit life cycle through proactive failure prevention.

Whether operating remotely or in a manufacturing facility without an air compressor, EGP pumps are the ideal solution when versatility is needed to get the job done. Following field tests for both the EGP electric transfer and on-demand pump, end users were enthused by how effective the pumps performed. “Best pickup prime of all the pumps I’ve had!” said one user during an on-demand application. “That’s one pumping son of a gun.”