GC Express, a gas station in Caro, Michigan, is now offering a free coffee or fountain drink to customers paying with the Team One Credit Union Mobile Banking App on their smartphones for fuel purchases of $10 or more. Consumers can use the mobile app to pay at the pump as a result of GC Express’ implementation of the AnyWhereMobile payment service from MShift Inc., which is seamlessly integrated in-store and at the pump with Verifone Commander Site Controller.

Team One Credit Union is the first financial institution in the United States, to issue MShift’s patented AnyWhereMobile Payment Network app, making it available for its members to use on their iPhone and Android devices.

“Gas stations in our community are excited to have a mobile payment option issued by a trusted local financial institution that lowers their interchange costs by more than half,” said Tim Ferrio, eServices Supervisor at Team One Credit Union, adding that gas stations pay a flat $0.15 fee per transaction. “By end of 2016, we hope to bring on 20 gas stations in Michigan, using the Verifone Commander Site Controller and benefit both the gas station owners and our members.”

To pay with AnyWhereMobile, Team One members open the mobile banking app on their smartphone, scan the QR code at the pump or the register, and authorize the transaction using their PIN or fingerprint. Once the transaction is complete, they receive a receipt for their purchase via the mobile banking app. More than 30 other local merchants near Team One are also accepting AnyWhereMobile payments.

AnyWhereMobile transactions are equivalent to real-time funds transfers within a bank or credit union.  There is no risk of insufficient funds for the merchant, as it is not an ACH transaction.  In addition to highly secure transactions and reduced risk, AnyWhereMobile reduces transaction costs for merchants, and they can invest the difference into improving and expanding their customer rewards programs to increase customer participation and retention.

“We are unlike any other mobile payment platform on the market today,” said Jacqueline Snell, VP of Strategic Initiatives at MShift. “We are not an ACH transaction and we don’t ride on the existing expensive payment networks.  We offer higher security and lower costs to the benefit of everyone involved.”

Commander Site Controller is Verifone’s single site management software platform that supports all petroleum and card brands, providing increased speed in at-the-pump and in-store payment acceptance, fueling operations and back office control. It incorporates a Conexxus Mobile standard-based API to streamline gas stations’ and convenience stores’ ability to support mobile payment apps while improving business processes, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

“Verifone facilitates alternative mobile payment acceptance, enabling gas stations to improve the customer experience,” said Dan Yienger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Petroleum for Verifone. “Our point of sale and site management software solutions help operators better manage their business, improve profitability, increase consumer loyalty and accept mobile payments and EMV. We are committed to incorporating Conexxus standards in our open API.”