FuelMedia TV officially announces the launch of its place-based, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media network through a strategic agreement with Invenco, a global provider of secure payment processing and customer engagement solutions. Under this agreement, FuelMedia TV provides DOOH media services for Invenco’s outdoor payment terminals installed in fuel and convenience customer locations in North America. The partnership capitalizes on Invenco G6 and G7 Pay-at-Pump terminals that engage customers with vivid HD touchscreens providing full sight, sound, and motion video in a range of screen sizes.

The FuelMedia TV network and end-to-end ecosystem delivers true programmatic capabilities and enables data-driven, automated, transparent, and measurable transactions across its entire network. Free from the constraints of the legacy “loop” technology, this platform offers significant flexibility to brands and C-stores to target audiences across a wide spectrum of targeting options and to adjust a campaign in moments.

Growing exponentially, the FuelMedia TV network currently includes over 7000 screens in 31 designated market areas within the US making it one of the largest, fully programmatic DOOH networks in the US with full video and sound capabilities.

National, regional, or local campaigns for consumer brands and C-Stores can be targeted down to the site level using geographic, context, audience, and time-based options. Dynamically served ads with real-time proof of play reports and 1:1-pixel trackers facilitate omni-channel marketing and retargeting campaigns, driving measurable physical and digital economic conversions.

“FuelMedia TV is an ideal partner for Invenco based on its ability to take full advantage of the rich media management capabilities provided by Invenco’s Cloud Services asset and media management platform,” states Craig Panter, Invenco’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Our customers are seeing immediate benefits including increased foot traffic and C-store revenue through our combined capabilities.”

Harry Lee, CEO and President of FuelMedia TV agrees, “This partnership focuses on consumer engagement for a captive audience, delivering the right message to the right consumer at the right time by combining the power of programmatic advertising with Invenco’s market-leading forecourt technology.”

Digital media services from FuelMedia TV are now available for Invenco customers in North America. Brands interested in advertising on the network can explore options at fuelmediatv.com/marketers. These campaigns can be launched either through direct deals with FuelMedia TV or programmatically through Vistar Media’s programmatic ecosystem.