Buffalo, New York-based FPPF Chemical Co., Inc. is proud to announce the release of its newly reformulated product, Extreme Diesel Injector Cleaner–Regen Reduction Formula. In response to market demand for an additive that reduces the number of all types of regenerations (active, passive and forced), FPPF reformulated their diesel injector cleaner.


Extreme Diesel Injector Cleaner–Regen Reduction Formula is a blend of concentrated detergents that will break down carbon deposits, significantly reducing build up in diesel particulate filters with regular use. By consistently adding Extreme Diesel Injector Cleaner–Regen Reduction Formula to every tank, the formula will keep fuel systems as clean as new. Effective in common rail and traditional diesel systems, the formulation beats the competition hands down.


Understanding that performance and mileage are important, FPPF added a package of lubricity and cetane improvers to the Extreme Diesel Injector–Regen Reduction Formula. Cetane will allow for increased power and mileage, while lubricity, lacking in today’s ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), keeps fuel systems running smoothly.


All of these features combine for the most complete, premier, non-seasonal additive on the market.


For more information on this or any FPPF product, contact your local distributor or FPPF directly at Sales@FPPF.com.


FPPF Chemical Company Inc., founded in 1975, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fuel additives, treatments and conditioners. Through research and development, FPPF has developed a full line of highly concentrated premium diesel fuel additives. FPPF’s proprietary formulae are available from large bulk treatment containers, down to their famous 8 oz. bottle of Fuel Power. FPPF products are available at heavy-duty parts distributors, truck stops and retail outlets nationwide.