The Management Committee of the Petroleum Marketers Oil Company, LLC, owner of the Spirit® Petroleum brand, held its annual meeting January 20–21, 2015 in Dallas, TX. Discussions centered on enhanced benefits to brand licensees and new strategies for bringing the message and mission of Spirit® to even more marketers across the country.

“We’re very pleased to be continuing our arrangement with Worldpay with an improved contract that makes Spirit®’s already competitive credit-card processing program even better for marketers,” said committee member Rex Gillis of Columbus, MS. “When you add that to other brand benefits like no supply agreements, short-term licensing contracts and a great-looking image, it’s clear that the Spirit® brand does a great job of serving the needs of marketers, rather than the marketers serving the needs of the brand.”

The Management Committee also finalized plans to expand Spirit® Petroleum’s marketing efforts and add to the company’s staff. “The Spirit® brand benefits from a very solid management committee with great insights and industry knowledge,” noted committee member Benny Hodges, of Belen, NM. “I am extremely pleased with the in-depth discussions and the enhanced marketing strategy on which we are about to embark.”

Spirit® is a nationally recognized petroleum brand managed by marketers and owned by the non- profit Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA). Spirit® is committed to redefining independence for the American petroleum marketer. Spirit®’s minimal requirements, affordable fees and flexible business solutions give businesses of all sizes the control they need to compete aggressively in today’s tough environment.

Spirit® offers a sophisticated, patriotic brand image that inspires loyalty and confidence in consumers nationwide. For more information, visit or call (215) 345-4119.