Englefield, Inc., an Ohio-based provider of fuel and lubricants, chose to standardize its c-store and forecourt infrastructure with Gilbarco’s EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) solutions, including the Passport Px60 platform and new Encore 700S dispensers with large-format LCD screens and contactless payment processing.


Englefield operates 118 convenience stores and fuel stations in greater Ohio and West Virginia, under the Duchess and BP brand names. As part of its competitive strategy, it invests in modern equipment and technologies. “We are excited to leverage Gilbarco’s payment expertise, both inside the store and on the forecourt as we complete our EMV transition,” noted Ashley Englefield-DeWitt, Director of Marketing.


“We believe that the addition of contactless and large color screens to our refreshed dispensers will attract more customers to our sites,” said Englefield-DeWitt. “Combined with the enhanced security provided by EMV, which our customers are coming to expect, our sites will become our customers’ preferred fueling locations.”


Englefield is approaching the transition in steps, but has already upgraded the majority of its 118 locations to the Passport Px60 platform. The remaining locations will be converted in 2017. It has also committed to replacing over 300 dispensers by the end of 2018. The dispensers will feature 10.4-inch screens to reach customers with relevant messages to drive customer loyalty and in-store sales. They will also feature contactless payment to enhance transaction speed and security.


Gilbarco’s VP of Marketing for North America, Mark Williams, appraised Englefield’s thoughtful planning as a continuing demonstration of the market’s intent to move forward with EMV.


“Many c-store operators are converting to EMV, not just as a practical matter, but as a business differentiator,” said Williams. “They know it provides customers with more confidence in the security of their transactions. And attractive dispensers with a larger screen can help drive in-store traffic. Englefield’s move to EMV, while investing in some of the technologies and solutions offered by Gilbarco, is going to position them very well to grow their business as the expectations of their customers shift toward demanding EMV and speedier, contactless transactions.”


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