DM2 Software, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for petroleum marketers, is pleased to announce it has partnered with DocuSign to provide an integrated eSignature and on-demand form solution.

By integrating DocuSign eSignatures and PowerForms applications with DM2’s Petroleum Insights CRM system, marketers can quickly and securely upload and send Microsoft Word, PDF or other common document formats from their CRM document library for business partners, customers, employees, prospects, etc. to sign and store in the CRM. DocuSign eSignatures assists by sending reminders and giving marketers the ability to check signing status at any time.

DocuSign’s PowerForms application goes one step further to eliminate paperwork and document preparation time by creating on-demand, self-service e-forms and documents for signature. DM2’s interface eliminates the time required to manually upload and export documents as well as data to and from Petroleum Insights CRM.

“We’re excited to partner with DocuSign to provide marketers with an eSignature and on-demand forms solution that’s fully integrated with their CRM systems,” said Colin Chambers, DM2’s Director of CRM Solutions. “Capturing signatures for sales orders and agreements is one obvious use, but many of our customers use Petroleum Insights CRM for much more than just traditional sale force automation. Using these DocuSign applications in conjunction with Petroleum Insights CRM’s workflow automation to reduce one of our customer’s credit application approval time was what originally drove this project.”

With DocuSign eSignature and PowerForm applications, DM2 customers can now spend more time selling and servicing customers by eliminating the time associated with generating, distributing, following up on and waiting for credit applications, sales order forms, NDA, releases, waivers, etc.