Cumberland Farms, a leading gasoline and convenience retailer, today announced that the brand has sold $2 billion in gas through its SmartPay program since its launch in January 2013. Over the last 12 months, transaction volume has increased by nearly 50% and continues to grow, making the gasoline program one of the most preferred methods of payment at the retailer. Available as both a payment card and a mobile payment app, the program is free to join and free to use – and users automatically save 10 cents on every gallon of gas, every day at any Cumberland Farms gas retail location throughout the Northeast and Florida. Earlier this year, SmartPay celebrated another major milestone, saving its customers $75 million on gas to date, up $25 million from this time just last year.

“We are truly thrilled that SmartPay makes such a difference in the lives of our customers – and we are proud to celebrate the $2 billion sales milestone for the program in just four years” said Ari Haseotes, CEO of Cumberland Farms. “Since launching SmartPay, we have saved our customers more than $75 million on gas, and enrollments have increased significantly in just the past 12 months. Here at Cumberland Farms we’re dedicated to providing value to our customers, and we look forward to continuing to provide our SmartPay customers with significant savings on their fuel purchases.”

In addition to saving 10 cents on every gallon of gas, mobile app customers receive a free Farmhouse Blend coffee or a free Chill Zone beverage for every 50 gallons of gas purchased. To date, Cumberland Farms has given away nearly 5 million free drinks via SmartPay Rewards. Cumberland Farms’ major suppliers also continue to partner with the retailer on its Rewards program, providing bonus coupons for free products on a variety of popular products.

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