Comdata, a FLEETCOR company, and leader in corporate payment innovation, introduced a new Mastercard portfolio that offers expanded purchase capabilities and simplifies expense management for businesses. Additionally, the company announced that its strategic partnership with P97 has resulted in its first mobile fuel customer transaction through the Mastercard network.

The Comdata Mastercard portfolio supports FLEETCOR’s Beyond Fuel initiative which addresses the payment needs of businesses by controlling broader purchasing categories including maintenance, construction supplies, travel and general expenses. The refreshed Mastercard portfolio offers a streamlined experience by enabling both fuel and non-fuel related expenses with a single payment solution while retaining employee spend controls.

Core to the portfolio is the Comdata Business Expense Card. Tailored to the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses, the Comdata Business Expense card is intended for managers and employees in the field responsible for buying goods or services for a business, such as supplies, equipment, meals, etc. The card serves as a companion to a business’s existing fuel cards with the same cost, control and convenience benefits along with consolidated invoicing. The card also allows more flexibility for individuals within a business trusted to make purchasing decisions.

The Comdata Business Expense Card has had success with commercial and residential service professionals, including general contractors, HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians and more. Replacing the BuilderPro card, Comdata Business Expense Card offers more savings through a simplified rebate structure to provide cash back on supplies and all other non-fuel purchases, with no caps.

In addition, since forming an alliance in 2018, FLEETCOR and P97 have worked closely to provide FLEETCOR customers the ability to pay at the pump with a mobile device and recently processed its first mobile fuel transaction. The companies together have expanded the P97 application capabilities to include a fuel card within the app’s digital wallet, allowing it to be used virtually for convenient payment at the pump.

“The Mastercard portfolio relaunch combined with the early success of our P97 partnership is an exciting development for us as we continue to expand our payment products,” commented Steve Greene, President, NA Local Mastercard, FLEETCOR. “Our Beyond Fuel initiative continues to gain traction and we look forward to growing new product sales in the coming months as we formally roll out the enhanced portfolio.”

“We are excited to bring the same great benefits of our industry-leading fuel and maintenance card programs to businesses that rely on the purchase of other goods and services,” commented Jay Guadagna, Vice President, Product, FLEETCOR. “The new Comdata Business Expense card allow employees to spend more freely within adjacent categories while enabling management to maintain the control and expense reporting convenience they’ve always enjoyed. Our pilot programs have already shown incredible results with our customers.”