CMI Solutions, Inc, a founding member of CONEXXUS and leading provider of software applications and services for convenience store and wholesale fuel marketers is pleased to announce that it’s partnered with CipherLab and Citizen to provide customers with tighter inventory control and greater mobility.

With margins being squeezed and competition growing faster than ever, c-store operators are increasingly turning to item-level inventory management to increase margins by improving inventory management and. Combining CMI Solutions best selling PB3™ item-level inventory features with CipherLab RK25 Android-based hand-held scanners, cstore operators can ensure optimum tracking and processing of everything they buy and sell down to the SKU. Adding Citizen CMP-25L mobile printers will help maximize productivity by saving your store associates time and legwork by giving them the ability to print shelf labels, item tags, markdown labels, and sales receipts on the spot.

“The first step to controlling inventory at the item-level starts at the back door. Hand-held scanners make it easy for busy store associates to track inventory as it’s received,” states Jerome Sedelmeyer, Director of Sales and Marketing at CMI Solutions. Inc. “PB3 also provides the controls to ensure your associates are only accepting what you’ve ordered by flagging unauthorized items when they’re scanned.”

Item-level inventory control is key to providing retailers with the data they need to quickly identifying overstock, shrink, and theft. It’s also provides you with the data needed to eliminate slow turning, and obsolete inventory and improve customer retention by more accurately forecast to avoid shortages and stock outs.

CMI Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Developer and Reseller, has been providing convenience stores and wholesale fuel marketers with software applications and consulting services to keep pace in the ever-changing marketplace since 1992. With a focus on providing personalized service, CMI Solutions, offers all the Accounting, C-store, PriceBook, Wholesale, and Business Intelligence applications petroleum marketers need to achieve their vision and transform their businesses. For more information on CMI Solutions, Inc. products and services, e-mail at, call (800) 211-5980, or visit the new CMI Solutions website at