Both parties agree to pursue the development and sales of electric trucks.  The prototype of the CF1 truck will be presented in Q2 2019, and delivery of 100 commercial units is planned for Q1 2020.

CityFreighter is a clean-tech startup with team members in the US, Europe, and Asia. It is developing smart, medium-duty commercial electric vehicles for the “last mile,” combined with intelligent front- & back-end integration with our customers’ value chains to meet the needs and challenges of urban logistics in the future. Our modular approach significantly reduces tooling costs, development time and supports our fast go-to-market plans via a quickly scalable production volume.

XPO Sales, Inc. is a green fleet solution provider with fleet rental/leasing service and sales focusing on airports, parking and hotel shuttles, municipalities and other commercial fleet vehicles operators. XPO Sales Inc. has locations in PhoenixSan Diego, and its headquarter in Inglewood located just 5 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. XPO Sales Inc. is an early adopter of Electric vehicles and acts as a dealer and service provider for different suppliers.

The CF 1 has been developed as a fully electric, front-drive vehicle and contains multiple weight reducing features, such as a very low-weight cargo box.  The truck has been designed specifically for last mile operations with a range of ca. 100 miles.  It will be charged overnight at the lot with fast charging as an option

Furthermore, the CF1 clearly differentiates itself from other market offers through its unique design approach, a totally newly-configured, driver-friendly cockpit design and unique features like digital mirrors and a keyless truck operating system.

The payload capacity will be 2.5 tons and with a minimum of 706 cubic feet, all presented in a low-floor cargo area access design.  The low-loading level will be at around 44 cm (ca. 18″), and the rear axle will be equipped with an electric air suspension.  This avoids the need for an electric lift system, reduces loading / unloading times and significantly lessens driver strain.

Michael Schoening, President CityFreighter Inc.:

“We are very excited about this agreement. This is a substantial development for our start-up. Electric vehicles should be attractive and built in a user-oriented way. I am convinced that the  CF1 will set new standards in the industry “

Remo Weber, CEO XPO Sales Inc.:

“We believe that the CF1 will be a game changer in the industry. We are striving to convert all our fleets into full electric. The CF1  will be a key product for our strategy of focusing strongly on the logistics industry.”