Dave Schletewitz, Havoline North America Brand Manager at Chevron, added, “The PitPack system can deliver significant operational efficiencies, at a lower cost than dealing with quart packages, all with strong environmental benefits. This 8-box rack system significantly reduces plastic waste by holding the equivalent of 192 plastic quart bottles in its 100% recyclable corrugate boxes. It’s a win-win for businesses looking to improve profits, efficiency and their environmental stewardship – and a win for consumers who want to spend their dollars with businesses that are committed to reducing waste in their community.”

There will be 20 motor oil products available across the Havoline®, Delo® and Supreme brands, and product orders can be made through the regular channels.

For more information on the PitPack™ easy-dispense motor oil system, go to: www.ChevronLubricants.com/PitPack