BP announced it will introduce new, highly interactive fuel pumps at a few sites around New York and Chicago to make filling up a more enjoyable experience.

Named “Miles,” the new BP Personality Pump uses a proprietary interactive technology to audibly greet consumers and initiate the fueling experience. While filling up, consumers can select music on Pandora, record a video e-card to share on social media sites or play music trivia. Miles processes responses in real-time through a touchscreen tablet and guides consumers through a wide array of entertainment options.

“The BP Personality Pump is one of the biggest innovations at U.S. retail fueling stations in many years,” said Donna Sanker, Chief Marketing Officer of BP Fuels North America. “We believe this technology could change the way people think about the typical fill-up and give consumers another reason to visit our stations.”

After pumping gas with Miles, drivers will be able to send themselves a text message with content created at the pump, a link to the Pandora station they chose and a special return offer.

Miles’s features were developed through a partnership with The Onion and Pandora.

BP will test the new pump technology for three months starting November 15, 2016, at several BP stations in the Chicago and New York City metro areas. BP will determine whether to make Miles available elsewhere following the pilot program and based on consumer response.

Miles will be open for business from now through February 14, 2017, at the following locations:

Chicago Metro Area
750 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL, 60610 and 901 N. Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60563

New York City Metro Area
164 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11217 and 802 65th St., Brooklyn, NY, 11220

To find out more and to watch the video series, go to www.theonion.com/special/innovation.