Iconic Blue Bird school buses converged at the Retama Race Track for the “Blue Bird Experience.” Selma-based Blue Bird dealership, Rush Bus Centers, hosted the event, which showcased Blue Bird’s industry-leading range of school buses to local district transportation directors and decision makers. Attendees had the opportunity to ride and drive all the Blue Bird buses at the event, and experience the latest in school bus technology.

“The event was a huge success providing school district officials the opportunity to understand the latest in Blue Bird emissions and safety technology,” said Mark Terry, chief commercial officer of Blue Bird Corporation. “It also gave attendees the chance to speak with local elected officials and representatives from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about what is important to their transportation departments, especially those still running older diesel buses that need replacement.”

Vision Type C and All-American Type D school buses, as well as Micro Bird Type A buses were on display, showcasing Blue Bird’s range of engine offerings, with buses fueled by either diesel, gasoline or propane. These school buses are cleaner operating and qualify for several significant grant funding opportunities. For instance, the emissions-reducing Blue Bird Vision Propane would qualify for funding from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust currently under review in Texas. This propane-fueled bus operates on an engine that is 75 percent cleaner than current emissions standards and 99 percent cleaner than pre-2007 standards.

“I can’t conceive of a more appropriate or cost-effective use of Texas’ share of the Volkswagen settlement money than to utilize it to help reduce emissions from the school buses that transport our Texas school children,” said State Representative Tony Dale. “I urge the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Governor Abbott to support Texas’ continued transition to a better air quality future by using these funds to help replace older, dirty school buses with new clean buses that will help minimize exposure of children to potentially harmful yet easily avoidable toxins.”

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is in developing the state’s plans for utilizing Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funding. TCEQ is accepting comments to decide how to distribute more than $207 million in the fund to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The Blue Bird Vision, All American and Micro Bird G5 also come in electric models.