AXI International, a global leader in intelligent fuel management systems, has introduced their latest technology: the AXI Particle Counter, a self-contained system that provides instant cleanliness diagnostics on the condition of fuels and oils.

AXI’s Fuel Particulate Monitor (FPM) carries significant importance by addressing the impact of the fuel degradation process, a leading cause of accelerated maintenance for diesel engines and generators. The particle counter uses advanced software with a graphic data display to identify the level of contamination in a fuel sample, which can be stored on-board. This cleanliness level quantifies fuel quality to ISO 4406 or NAS standards to indicate the need to take remedial action with the fuel supply.

The FPM is equipped with a laser-based sensor that uses light blocking technology for particle detection. Particles pass through an optical flow cell, blocking portions of light in proportionate size to the particle. These shadows are registered by an optical receiver and displayed in real time on an LED screen. The particle counter also features a relative humidity sensor to detect the presence of water – the catalyst to microbial growth and a host of other potentially catastrophic conditions.

Unique features include:

• Rugged, easy to carry case

• Lightweight (12 pounds)

• Self-contained with on-board pump

• Fuel sample storage

• Real time detection of solid particulate contamination

• Laptop connectivity for data transfer

• Archive creation via Excel

• Re-chargeable Li-Ion battery

• Printable receipt of results

“Knowledge is power,” said Jeff Poirier, AXI’s chief operating officer and lead engineer. “The new particle counter enables a wealth of information from samples taken from fuel and oil tanks, or sample bottles. The analysis is nearly instantaneous, and to the highest degree of accuracy. Without having to wait for lab analysis, our proactive approach for single or multiple fuel tanks offers cost-effective convenience and advanced software capabilities. It is the ultimate survey diagnostic unit.”

The portable particle counter is the latest in a series of innovative products and technologies recently launched by AXI International, including a solar-powered fuel maintenance system, and a complex powder concentrate to treat and protect fuel systems.