AXI International, a global leader in intelligent fuel management and fuel purification systems, released their next generation of mobile fuel polishing systems, the MTC-X. Designed to easily facilitate the decontamination and restoration of stored fuel, the MTC-X is ergonomically engineered to ease the job of fuel polishers with the highest levels of efficiency and environmental consciousness.

AXI’s MTC series of mobile fuel polishing systems removes water, sludge, and sediment that naturally accumulate in diesel fuel tanks, restoring diesel fuel to a clear, bright and pristine condition. The systems recondition, stabilize, and decontaminate bio-diesel, diesel fuel, light oils, and hydraulic fluids, providing optimal fuel quality for peak engine performance and reliability.

“After years of field research and customer feedback, we took a great system and made it even better,” said Jeff Poirier, COO of AXI International. “Rigorous testing and design revisions resulted in a mobile fuel polishing system that is not only lighter and more versatile, but far more time and resource efficient.”

AXI consulted with customers to innovate a new system that provides specific solutions to their needs. As a result, the MTC-X offers: an additional level of filtration to reduce cleaning time; an attached bag filter so that there is one consolidated system to transport; a water sight gauge showing when water should be removed; a lighter and lower center of gravity for easier mobility; filter draining to reduce spillage; a single discharge port to prevent spills when switching cleaning modes; and AFC injection for easier insertion of fuel additives directly into the polished fuel.

“At AXI, our unique approach is to recognize our customers’ individual needs and to be fast, flexible and dynamic with the right solution for each job,” concluded Poirier.