As Hurricane Michael prepared to make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, Atlas Oil deployed dozens of emergency fueling assets from terminals around the country to ensure the local community had access to fuel supply and uphold its guarantee of 100% uptime for contracted customers in the region.

“Michael’s strength seemed to take a lot of people by surprise,” said Jeremy Whiddon, Atlas’ second-in-command for all hurricane operations.  “Fortunately, our emergency fueling experts kept a close eye on its development, and our drivers are now strategically placed throughout the region, responding to mission critical facilities and our contracted fuel assurance customers.”

Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday at Mexico Beach and Panama City along the Florida Panhandle. As Michael continues its path across the southern United States, a state of emergency has been declared in FloridaGeorgiaAlabama and the Carolinas.

“As soon as our drivers hear about a hurricane forming, they begin to volunteer to head into the storm,” said Atlas’ CEO Sam Simon. “We call our drivers our frontline, and there is no better example of why than during hurricane season. Their dedication to helping the community is truly inspiring.”

The Atlas Emergency Fueling division responds to disasters of all sizes, including natural disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma where they deployed over 80 trucks, helping to restore infrastructure in these regions for more than four months.  The team had just wrapped up fueling remediation efforts following Hurricane Florence when they began coordinating the deployment for Hurricane Michael.

“Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael destroyed key infrastructure communities rely on, and though the storm has passed, the remediation process has just begun,” said Atlas President Bob Kenyon. “Our team knows emergency fueling better than anyone and our drivers look forward to getting the affected communities back on their feet.”

With over 30 years of fueling logistics experience and access to fuel supply nationwide, Atlas is among the most trusted emergency fuel suppliers in the country.  The company frequently fills generators for hospitals, data centers, utilities, telecommunications companies and other mission critical facilities.