ATEK Access Technologies announced that its TankScan Ultrasonic Cellular Monitor (TSU) product family now has a GPS version. The TSU monitor is an all-in-one cellular-enabled tank solution providing location information and remote level monitoring of deployed tanks, totes and containers.


The TSU monitor is placed on top of the tank or container to provide level measurements. The data gathered by the TSU monitor can be used to optimize business decisions around operations and logistics by knowing when and where a tank is in need of service. The TSU monitor also allows users to plan fluid deliveries and pick ups based on the latest information to insure optimal route efficiencies and maximum customer service.


“Manually monitoring remote storage tanks can be expensive, inefficient and even dangerous when it requires climbing on top to stick the tanks,” said Sherri McDaniel, President of ATEK Access Technologies. “The GPS-enabled TankScan TSU automated tank measurement system enables customers with tanks that move around to easily track each tank’s location and keep track of their assets. This helps optimize the distribution and collection processes while decreasing the need for manual inspections at remote tank sites.”


The TSU monitoring system provides tank level information anywhere an Internet connection is available via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The ultrasonic level sensor is fully integrated into the battery-powered device, which can be installed in locations where cabled networks and power are not available. The TSU monitor is ideal for use in diesel fuel, lubricant and chemical tanks, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) totes.


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