API told reporters that as the EPA finalizes the 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard volumes, Congress needs to recognize that the RFS mandate is broken and it’s time to repeal or significantly reform it.

“The reality is market forces, technological innovations and investments by oil and gas industry have combined with increased domestic crude oil production to supersede goals of the broken RFS.” said Frank Macchiarola, API downstream group director.

“We appreciate the administration’s leadership in addressing the RFS issue in the context of America’s new energy reality. And, we think it is irresponsible for supporters of this broken mandate to put at risk important work of federal agencies by holding up nominees in exchange for RFS concessions. This should not be allowed to continue and we will do what is needed to keep Congress focused on the important policy matters rather than short term politics. In the end, it will be up to Congress to repeal or significantly reform this outdated and broken program and we continue to urge quick action on this important issue.”

In the meantime, we urge EPA to set its final 2018 RFS obligations for ethanol at or below 9.7 percent of gasoline demand, an amount that allows for E0 sales and recognizes the vehicle and infrastructure constraints that limit the ability to use E15 and E85.