The American Petroleum Institute said the Trump administration’s decision to allow for year-round sales of higher ethanol E15 blended gasoline is a bad deal for consumers.

“Putting a fuel into the marketplace that the vast majority of cars on the road were not designed to use is not in the best interest of consumers,” said API President and CEO Mike Sommers. “Vehicle compatibility tests have shown that high ethanol levels in gasoline can damage engines and fuel systems.

“EPA has previously stated that it does not have the legal authority to grant the E15 waiver, and we agree with that assessment. The industry plans to aggressively pursue all available legal remedies against this waiver.”

Three out of four vehicles on the road today in America weren’t built to use E15, and the fuel isn’t compatible with motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment or ATVs. A number of automakers have also said that using E15 could potentially void vehicle warranties.

“In addition, the administration’s proposal to put limits on fuels trading markets could make matters worse. This new anti-consumer ethanol policy is another symptom of a broken Renewable Fuel Standard and this decision could potentially destroy future opportunities for consensus bipartisan reform.”