The American Petroleum Institute issued the following statement from President and CEO Mike Sommers in advance of President Biden’s first joint address to Congress this evening.

“Tonight is an opportunity for the president to build support for a bipartisan legislative agenda that supports our nation’s economic recovery and addresses the dual challenge of tackling climate change while providing access to affordable, reliable energy. Too often, the climate debate is focused more on partisan politics than on real solutions. A reasonable middle ground exists, and meaningful progress will require both sides working together to advance smart policies for a lower carbon future.

API’s climate framework represents a path forward and demonstrates that we don’t have to choose between environmental progress and energy security. Instead of harmful mandates, new taxes and misguided restrictions on our nation’s vast energy resources, Congress and the administration should focus on accelerating innovation and reducing emissions through market-based solutions.”

API represents all segments of America’s natural gas and oil industry, which supports more than ten million U.S. jobs.