Following is a statement by Marty Durbin, president and CEO for America’s Natural Gas Alliance, on the release by the Environmental Protection Agency of the 111(d) rule covering carbon emissions from existing power plants. It is possible that we will have further reaction today after the rule is released.

“While we will need to review the final Clean Power Plan rule in its entirety when it is released, initial reports indicate that the White House is ignoring market realities and discounting the ability of natural gas to achieve the objective of emissions reductions more quickly and reliably while powering growth and helping consumers.”

“We are confident about the role that natural gas can and will play in America’s clean power future. With the reported shift in the plan, we believe the White House is perpetuating the false choice between renewables and natural gas. We don’t have to slow the trend toward gas in order to effectively and economically use renewables.

“States’ ability to incorporate more wind and solar energy into their power mix is dependent on natural gas combined cycle turbines that will quickly and cost-effectively pick up the slack when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

“Natural gas is the most cost effective compliance option that states have in almost all cases as they contemplate where their future electricity will come from and how, specifically, they will balance the dual mandates of cleaner air and healthy economic growth.

“An accelerating move to natural gas is critical to keeping the lights on, heating and cooling our homes and fueling growth in domestic manufacturing, all while reducing air emissions. We stand ready to work with states, customers, consumers and the energy and environmental community to ensure that this transition moves forward efficiently and cost effectively.”